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RasTa at the ROM
RasTa at the ROM
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RasTa at the ROM was a celebration of global Rastafari culture. It was a collaboration between artists, historians, philosophers and the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. And where was I? Right in the centre, listening and learning. 

It was a pleasure to have met Donisha Predergast, Granddaughter of the legendary Bob Marley.
This project was an education on so many levels.​​​​​​​


A special thank you to the

Cheryl Nichols


Research and writing
Tyson Brown
author of:


Large Monolith signage
Historical biographies.
40 Page booklet. 
Written by Tyson Brown.
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My Speech

This is the speech that I made at the premier during the Toronto International Film Festival in front of a room filled with Reggae Royalty. That was the film launch that eventually led to this museum exhibit. I was very moved by the whole experience. This is how I felt about it:


Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen.
My name is Adam Jarvis.
I am the designer responsible for the RasTa Emblem 
and the poster associated with the film:
RasTa – A Soul’s Journey.
I’m very excited and honoured to be here tonight.
Thank you all for coming.

Now, contrary to popular belief –
I am not …..a RasTa.
It’s true. Please remain calm.
I can see some confused faces out there.
What I can tell you is this:

Myself, I was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad.
My family moved to Canada when I was very young seeking a new life.
– Trust me, They didn’t come here for the climate 🙂
My Grandmother, My mother and all of my aunts and uncles instilled in me a mutual respect for all people of the world. 
And so naturally, when the producers of this film asked me to be a part of this project:
I was honoured.
This was my opportunity to indulge my own curiosity and educate myself about RasTafari.
That’s what this film sets out to do.

Now, I have never been to Africa.
But several years ago,
when my beautiful wife was pregnant with our daughter, we travelled to Jamaica with her family to see where they came from.
We drove across the island from Montego Bay to Kingston and back again.
And as we moved deeper into the heart of Jamaica through trecherous winding roads and lush rainforests 
I felt something.
The faces and the people and the way that they lived with each other and the Earth itself.
It touched me. It planted a seed in me.
At the time, I did not understand it.
But tonight.
Looking out at this crowd of beautiful faces
It’s finally clear to me:

This is not a movie.
This is a message.
Cinema is merely the vehicle upon which it travels.

I for one, have never been fooled by the Pop-culture caricature of “The RasTaman”.
This film sets out to destroy that stereotype and replace it with truth.
Now truth is something that I can get behind.
I endorse truth.

Never before in History has information been so abundant.
Yet wisdom, so illusive.
(am I right?)

Tonight, each of you have taken a step closer towards
discovering the roots of RasTafari.
I put a lot of love into this poster.
I hope that you like it.

There is an old tradition:
When a ship sets sail on it’s maiden voyage, they usually call upon a person of royal lineage to crack a bottle of champagne across the bow of the ship for good luck.
Now, I did not bring a bottle of champagne.
But I do know that we have a young queen with us here tonight.
I invite you all to introduce yourself to Donisha.
She will be signing movie posters later on this evening.
They have been specifically sized to fit IKEA frames.
Voila – instant art.

The torch of RasTafari has been passed on to a new generation.
Donisha is here with us tonight to christen this vessel 
as it sets sail on it’s international Voyage of Love.
One Love.
Thank you very much and enjoy the evening.
RasTa at the ROM

RasTa at the ROM

RasTa at the ROM is a month long exhibit celebrating Rastafari culture hosted by the Royal Ontario Museum. Bob Marley's Granddaughter Donisha Pre Read More