Keith Richards & Beyond...
Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones
Among so many others, Keith has worked with the amazing...
  Tom Waits
Keith Richards and Waits have played together on
many of their records and are long term friends.
Another long collaborator with Tom Waits is the guitarist...
Smokey Hormel
Amazing guitarist and musician in general.
One of those types that seems to have played with
absolutely everybody that you can think of.
I first saw Smokey Hormel on stage in 1996 at T in the Park
when we was playing with...

Mellow Gold era Beck that is. My favorite version.

Beck has been one of the better role models that I've taken throughout the years.

He also came around at the perfect time.
That perfect time being 1995.

I think if I'd spent even one more month transfixed on Nirvana
and Kurt Cobain it might have done some irreversible damage.

Anyway, one of Beck's less famous songs "Rowboat"
was covered by the legendary...
Johnny Cash

Who once performed the song "Matchbox" live  on television with Carl Perkins and...
Eric Clapton

I've always been in the Hendrix camp more than Clapton's but who can doubt the great man's chops!
(To Be Continued)
Keith Richards & Beyond...

Keith Richards & Beyond...

Watch this space...