This series ‘House Meetings’ aims to represent a depiction, ora visual confluence, between Christianity and photography within NorthernIreland.

Increasingly, on a daily basis ‘House Meetings’ occur withinmany homes throughout Northern Ireland and other countries. ‘House Meetings ‘ are considered within theChristian Faith as extensions or ‘branches’ of the church (or body of Christ)which offer an opportunity to search the Scriptures, grow in Christ, to havefellowship with one and another through prayer. Contemporary society may viewthem as support groups for Christians. These ‘House Meetings’ occur irrespectiveof class, gender, age, nationality, creed, colour and interestingly politicalstance.

In creating this series the meetings were photographed andexplored through an evangelical Christian lens, captured during different formsof gathering; prayer meetings, bible studies, time of worship, group fellowshiphaving meals together and they varied in degrees of formality. Each housevaried in size, as did the location of each meeting. The location, style,structure, content, number of attendants and formality varied; uniformly the‘focus’ of these meetings was Christ centred.

Whilst each house photographed from outdoors is not notably or distinctively different; they are not evidentlyor denotably Christian, when compared to other homes within their respective neighbourhoods,or even to the other homes in the series, the décor within these homes were suggestively Christian in theme. Thisincluded faith inspired ornaments and books decoratively positioned throughouttheir living areas. From a Christian perspective the attendees served tofurther decorate (symbolically) the inside of each house, this is perceivable topassers by or viewers of this series. Objects are not the focus; the Christianethos is palpable.