Stats on iOS vs Android Mobile App Development UK
One of the first considerations when building a mobile app is to decide which device to make it for.
This is usually between iOS or Android. In the UK, both phones are very popular, with Android marginally more common. There are ways to make the mobile app suitable for both, but this can limit the scope of what you can build and it not always the best option.Picking which device to develop for is based on your requirements and your audience, but sometimes it really is a coin flip, so seeing overall trends for mobile app development may be of interest.
A survey carried out this summer by Telerik asked 3,000 developers, CEOs, CTOs and other IT professionals which devices they were developing mobile apps for. Although this is a US survey, the data is sourced globally.
When talking about Mobile App Development, the apps can be hybrid (able to run on more than one device), native (built specifically for one device) or web (accessed via a browser).
So, these were the results:
Hybrid 33%
Native 25%
Web 19%Of those developing native mobile apps, the breakdown of which device they are building that native app for is as follows:
Android 66%
iOS 63%

Windows Phone 40%Of course, within these stats, mobile app developers are not necessarily only building for Android or iOS. The stat for iOS mobile developers who also build for Android is 83%.
Although the survey is not specific to the UK, the Android and iOS stats tally up to what you might expect, based on phone usage over here.The survey shows that both iOS and Android phones continue to split mobile app development, with both being viable devices for native mobile app development, while hybrid mobile app development is the most popular overall. And this lines up with our own experiences.
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Stats on iOS vs Android Mobile App Development UK