All the works made for PUMSA and Purdue under one list. I enjoy the period of working under PUMSA nad Purdue the most because that is where I could experiment and explore new things when making video. The one I most proud is PUMSA 2013 closing video. 
PUMSA Purdue video playlist
PUMSA Spring 2013 Callout poster
PUMSA 2013 Eid Mubarak poster
2013 Malaysia Day/ Independence Day poster 
2013 PUMSA Annual Chinese New Year Poster
PUMSA Spring 2013 Final Social Night poster
Purdue ACM Siggraph Coffee Session with Alvy Ray Smith poster
2014 Purdue ACM Siggraph Annual Bananza Poster
Small Talk 501 pamphlet
Purdue ACM Siggraph BlueSky Studio talk poster
Purdue ACM Siggraph annual T-Shirt design competition poster
Purdue THTR 131 final project costume design