Travel Illustrations (I)
On certain days that I don't do hand lettering, I have a habit of illustrating urban sceneries - mostly from travels over the years to accompany my En Route blog posts (things I write when I'm in transit).
This year turned out to be a year dedicated to not just hand lettering, but also travel illustration (accidentally!). Contrary to the precision of work I do for hand lettering on a regular basis (because as much as possible, it
requires equal measurement and proper layout), I try to keep it loose and rustic for my urban sketches.
At times, I use watercolor, but mostly it's just ink for my main medium.
Here's a photodump of random daily travel illustration work throughout the year.
Rough drafts for my Italy spread. View the final output here.
Sacre Couer, Paris
Brussels, Belgium
Notre Dame, Paris
Obviously, I have a thing for European landmarks. Apart from it being very diverse, I was able to visit the continent twice over the past couple of years - which made me more interested to illustrate its architecture.
Selected landmarks for a travel illustration themed poster I created for my workshops
Illustration studies of Philippine landmarks for Jo Malone's Manila launch. Eventually, clients chose the vinta & nipa hut to be utilized for the brand launch (which I did illustration services for).
Manila Cathedral + Disneyland
My favorite subjects are churches and old buildings.
Vietnam Post Office in Ho Chi Minh
I also spent a good few days illustrating during my 30-day trip to Southeast Asia last July 2014. View the project here.
Hong Kong, October 2015
Quick sidetrip to Hong Kong during a busy October weekend. 
Disneyland, USA (referenced from a photo)
St. Basil's Cathedral, Russia (referenced from a photo)
Thank you for viewing!
Travel Illustrations (I)

Travel Illustrations (I)

A compilation of travel illustrations (part I) throughout 2015,

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