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    Innovative new materials library.
Innovative Materials Library
Research project
Encapsulated in this creative displayare 20 innovative new materials. On each slide is a product sample and factsrelated to each product including: manufacturer, scientific properties, productdescription, and common uses. The container itself was designed to be used fornot only storage and transportation, but also as the display for the materials.To open it you simply swing the arms back and the whole unit leans back andstands up. This stance makes it easy for the user to take out each slide asneeded to access the information. The title of the project, element 119,represents searching for the unknown. In this industry innovation is crucial. Thisproject gave me the chance to explore the new materials and their industriesand speculate on what industries they could impact. Furthermore, through obtaining the product samples I gained industry contacts, as well as in-depth insights, for some of the newest and most relevant technologies. Some of the materials included are D3o, aluminum foam, Sharklet, and Pyrogel, and many more.