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    Book covers designed for Recovering the Classics project.
The War of the Worlds
I took inspiration from early 20th century illustrations. The planet Mars is shown bearing down on Earth.
The Red Badge of Courage
The hand print represents the desperate bloodied soldiers in the dirt. The hole in the 'of' both represents the Christ figure of Jim Conklin and the wound that Henry longs for. 

Nelson’s Pillar, erected on O’Connell Street by the British, is shown on the cover. It loomed large in Dublin life when the novel was published, both metaphorically and literally.

The represents a phallic symbol penetrating the title, signifying the deep undercurrent of sexual anxiety throughout the stories, British domination of the Irish nation. Finally death is the makjot them of the novel, and the ‘b’ is the noose around the the neck of Dubliners lives. 

Finally Nelson's head is cut off in reference the surreal and anarchic nature of Joyce’s humour.