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    The Report for Nespresso Gourmet Weeks'15-Portugal. The fifth dinner at Ipsylon Restaurant (The Oitavos Hotel).
Nespresso challenged some of the most respected portuguese Chefs to look for coffee with fresh eyes, with the goal of providing unique experiences for food lovers.
To surprise us, the Chefs will receive in their kitchens a guest Chef and will create an exclusive dinner inspired by coffee.

Follow the Chefs in this challenge and prepare your senses for a unique dining experience in Nespresso Gourmet Weeks.

This was the fifth dinner in Ipsylon Restaurant (Hotel The Oitavos).
The  Chefs: Cyril Devilliers, Joaquim de Sousa, Paulo Matias & Francisco Siopa.

Client: Edições do Gosto / Inter Magazine / Nespresso
Production: Clementine Things
Photography: Catarina Pires
Film Directed by: João Lima
Clementine Things ©2015
all rights reserved