Mixtape and Album Artwork
Promotional mixtape for a nightclub mixed by one of their guest DJs.
Cover of the "On My Own" single by Freddie Gibbs and Mikkey Halsted. The producer wanted the iconic "Chicago Skyway Toll Bridge" neon signage changed to the artists' names to represent the connection between their native Chicago & Gary, Indiana.  We used the title font found in the music video to complete the design.
Album cover for 'Stuntin in a Deficit' by M.A.S.K.
 Back cover / tracklist for 'Stuntin in a Deficit' by M.A.S.K.
 Inside spread for 'Stuntin in a Deficit' by M.A.S.K.
 Event flyer advertising a Halloween CD release party.
Matching CD label artwork for promotional mixtape.
 Mixtape art for Milwaukee rapper Jazzie.
DVD packaging and movie poster for 'Leave it at the Altar'
 Front cover for a promotional mixtape featuring local Milwaukee artists back to back with major label artists.  It contains three mixes put together by three of the nightclub's resident DJs and helps promote the venue where listeners might hear a performance or have a drink with one of the featured musicians.
  Back cover / tracklist for 'We Run the Nightlife' promotional mixtape.
 Poster advertising a CD release party for the 'We Run the Nightlife' mixtape.