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    A project on membership campaign
A membership campaign for the Nation Trust, I use "Preserve the past for the future" as a slogan for the campaign. The orange color is to attract younger audience as it's appeared to be more youthful and energetic. There will be banner on the historical buildings in DC. 
This is a brochure that people can get in the mail or from the kiosk about the membership information. I went out to a few of the historical buildings around the DMV area to take photos. I turned half of the image into an old/historical looking building and keep the other half as the present, so it can convey the idea of Preserve the Past for the Future. 
These are the postcards people can send out to friends or family and tell them about the organizaiton. 
on the back of the postcard, you can find the fact of the historical building that's showing on the front. There's also a QR code for people to go to the National Trust website and learn more about the organizaiton.