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GlobalDrive TUM-NTU Bike To Go
GlobalDrive Project 2011 (TUM-NTU)
The GlobalDrive Bike-To-Go is a collaboration between Technological University of Munich and Nanyang Technological University in 2011. The design brief was to create a foldable electric bike that could help solve traffic congestion in megacities, while providing an alternative lifestyle to the city dwellers. The term "electrical mobility" was hence redefined from hereforth.
Electrical mobility (E-mobility) can be seen in cities as the answer for mobility concept. So far, electrically powered cars are widely considered as the only form of E-mobility in the market. E-bikes might soon share the same status because they serve as a useful alternative in this case.

The target audience in this scenario wants a fast, zero emission and trendy mobility solution without having to bother about traffic jams and public transport. In this case, our customer could park his/her car to avoid the jam for the last mile of work and then continue with an electrically assisted bicycle. Even if it means traveling through subway, the foldable bike would have been legitimate under the rules and regulations of the subway. The pedelec bike that we offer would be characterized by striking design and easy handling. The driving experience is close to that of a conventional city bike, despite the fact that it could be folded extensively. Ergonomically, it is perfectly adapted to the user and the electric motor provides convincing power and speed.

Since this is a pedelec, there is an electrical support only for the pedals, it is therefore considered under the Highway Code as a normal bicycle. The built-in electric motor provides a constant power of 250 watts and supports up to a speed of 25 km/h.

The folding takes place in a few intuitive steps. When folded, the bike can be stowed away like a trolley. Thus, a satisfying user experience is assured. With a weight of less than 15 kg, carrying and loading into the boot of the car will be a breeze. The bike will feature built-in interface for iPhone compatibility. This can be used to monitor battery condition, recuperation rate, distance to destination, recommended routes, parking the car, and more.

The bike is here to satisfy various market segments on an international level, it is hence believed that this bike-to-go project is bound to be a successful one.
iPhone can be mounted on the bike and function as GPS and speedometer
Folding Mechanism

The Cobra concept not only sports a signature wave-like bodyline that resembles to that of a cobra, the design marks the brilliance of engineering as the curvature of that carbon fiber tubular structure could attain perfect folding.

What started as a genuine attempt to make a bike effortless to fold and commute in has evolved into a state-of-the-art design. The first few concepts had functional mechanism and shape, but we wanted something that makes the bike even more desirable.

The new design is futuristic yet timeless, which gives the user a sense of exclusivity, as seen from some of the design cues found on our bike. The signature bodyline is masculine,a reminiscence of the bodyline found on cars like BMW, which suggests its dynamism and sportiness. We also studied ergonomics extensively, while keeping the proportion of the design perfect.

The former design had a joint that could cause unwanted abrasion on the right leg, so the final design had a smoothened line across the frame which is not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing as well.
 3D renderings
Concept sketch

Team N2M:
Christine Mattern
                    Moritz Steffan               Stephan Sedlmair                    Stefanie Kurtz
Cheng Chai Siang
                    Pow Ying Hern              Teo Kok Yung Jason               Ton That Phu Duc

                  Professor Ng Heong Wah               Professor Peer Mohideen Sathikh

Rehau AG + Co
Nanyang Technological University
Technological University of Munich
GlobalDrive TUM-NTU Bike To Go

GlobalDrive TUM-NTU Bike To Go

Collaboration between TUM and NTU. Special credits to Rehau Ag + Co