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    Electrolux CYDECAR Design.
Electrolux Sidecar Concept
The CYDECAR is set to revolutionise the way home users and pizza kiosk work with culinary. It allows the pizza seller to cook the pizza on the go so that the pizza will be at its freshest and crispiest when it is delivered to the doorstep.

CYDECAR also provides many opportunities where home users could discover near endless possibilities of the uses for the sidecar. For starters, CYDECAR can be used as a good mobile kitchen in the 3rd world countries for nomadic families.

Also, CYDECAR can be utilised as a ration provision point where food are cooked on the go and delivered to the people who are in need of food and water.

The design features a carbon fibre monocoque and a light weight chassis to provide an extreme light weight solution and yet maintaining body’s sturdiness.

The design incorporates fridge, icebox, a 3.5kWh oven, cutting board and a storage compartment for daily usage. The body features 2 body monocoque made out of CFRP (Carbon Fibre Plastics), cooling fans and low consumption LED head lamps are part of the essential components incorporated.

The CYDECAR provides a comfortable solution to mobile culinary, pizza making in particular with ergonomic design and aerodynamic bodyline.

The CYDECAR also goes in line with the EV (electric vehicle) development. It can be charged via standard EV charging point, or via the usual 2-pin/3-pin power socket.
The Technology

CYDECAR features 900 high density Li-Ion cells which will provide a full 2-3 hours of oven operation and refrigeration without external power source.

If plugged in for a quick charge, 80% of the battery power can be recuperated within 30 minutes’ time.

The 3.5kWh oven is highly effiecient as the standard sized pizza (12”) will be fully cooked within the stipulated 13-14 minutes time.

The design also boasts a touch-sensitive oven control console where users could adjust its temperature and set the timer as well.

Full LED head lamps sips little power from the battery while providing ample illumination.
Mini refrigerators allows ingredients to be kept cold and fresh
Icebox compartment allows storage of small beverages and items while keeping them chilled
Slots designed to allow knives and pizza cutter to compartmentalise neatly
Smart packaging & Ergonomic

CYDECAR utilises the space efficiently and intelligently for one obvious reason: Intelligent Mobility. Based on light weight dual monocoque and chassis, it is able to squeeze well below 190kg of kerbweight so that the sidecar would not compromise the motorcycle’s maneuverability.

Each of the openings of the doors and compartments are designed in the manner that obstrusion of access is minimised while still being functional to the user one at a time.

Wheel hub cover is also designed to prevent the users from directly contacting the wheel for hygenic reasons.
Touch sensitive cooking console
Charging port concealed underneath the Electrolux logo

Featuring dual CFRP monocoque body, the structure is light weight and rigid while the rest of the body utilises other light weight materials such as polycarbonate (storage box and battery box) and aluminium (chassis)
Exploded View of CYDECAR
Scenario Step 1: User acquires frozen ingredients and pizza base from the fridge.
Scenario Step 2: User prepares food from the cutting board.
Scenario Step 3: User cooks the pizza from the oven at the rear of the sidecar.
Scenario Step 4: User cuts the pizza with the cutter (included with the CYDECAR) on the cutting board.
Scenario Step 5: Done. Pizza boxes can be obtained from the standard motorcycle storage box (12inch).