Eco-friendly, unique, endurable
 re-use of car airbags
As students of Product Design department we had been given a task to design something out of recycled materials.

Some time ago, one of us had an opportunity to see an exploded car airbag. She thought it could be interesting to work with it. In Poland there is a law which forbids reusing an unblown, but used airbag in another car. This is where we came in- immediately we’ve decided that we will sew bags made out of used car airbags. we found a place where we could buy such airbags and managed to design projects.  

It was our virgin sewing, which made us learn a lot of practical issues. Every single airbag has a different shape and color and you never know what you are going to get, which makes the whole idea unique. All the bags we design have an industrial character and are suitable for everyone who likes innovative and original materials.
Were do our airbags come from?