A place where people and pets can interacte
The basic concept roots in a place for pet´s owners and petsto have a great time with more people who have the same interest. I basicallycame up with this idea afterfew drafts for the XI-Center. i had developed theidea from time to time, in the firstmeeting I had three different ideas, whichwas after was narrowed down to a fun petground project which all the familiescould enjoy. And after few discussions my professor and I came up to targetspecific users which was ‘Pet owners’. As we all know about the ‘PET’, in Koreathere are about 10milion pet users but petgrounds; such as a pet hotel or a petcenter; are extremely hard to find. As pets became a large part of our lives.Apartments, especially apartments in Korea don’t have pet-friendly zone, so I taughtabout developing pet-friendly zone in Xi apartmens.
The first idea cameout for the pet-friendly zone was kiosk for pets. By having a specific kiosk,people can easily communicate with the other people who also has pets. Andshare information under the kiosk. But it came out to have a lot ofdifficulties, such as it being to futuristic, risks and so on. So after fewmeetings, I decided to develop more from the idea and put a little bit moremeaning to it.
The developed ideawas playground for pets, it was much more simplier, easy and fun project thenthe first idea., We developed the whole concept based on the comfortablefriendly like image and we basically made it simple and geometrically.
Considering elements such as obstacles, benches, tunnels andpieces that dogs and cats could scratch and play with.