STAR WARS /Adobe Create vector tribute
Just like some of you out there, I 'm a very BIG FAN of STAR WARS- ever since 1977 when I saw
the first movie about 5 times in one day. Since then the Star Wars galaxy has been a major influence to me and my creativity. Whether its the philosophy of the Force, the many unique characters , but most definitely the astounding concept and creativity of the designs that makes go "WOWOWOWWO!!!" .

Here are a number of vectors created recently in anticipation of the Force Awakens movie,
which I also had the honor of sharing with Adobe Create magazine.
Click to read the exclusive article which  showcases these works along with  a few other past vectors
AND also shows a little bit of my process with Adobe Illustrator.

Cheers and enjoy.

Curious to know more about my vector style? Definitely click to read the exclusive feature on Adobe Create.

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