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Coca-Cola Future-Room
Motion Graphics
December 2011
For Coca-Cola’s 125th Anniversary Exhibition, we (as Antilop, Istanbul based creative agency) were commissioned to develope “Future Room” concept. We transformed santralistanbul's Galeri 1 into an immersive environment by creating 90 square meter of 270-degree projection system. My role as Senior Art Director was leading design process with artistic approach and spatial thinking and create a challenging experience for audience. Project was featured in many design societies like Stash, Motionographer, Behance and Fubiz. 
Art Direction/Visual Artist : Can Büyükberber
Creative Directors : Refik Anadol / Maurizio Braggiotti / Efe Mert Kaya /
Production Director : Serkan Arslan
Sound Design: Kerim Karaoglu
Client:Coca Cola
Agency: Boogy
Location: santralistanbul
Date: 07.12.2011
Duration: 4'30''
Coca-Cola Future-Room

Coca-Cola Future-Room

Immersive Environment santralistanbul, Istanbul