People love Oreos. Peoplealso love dipping their Oreos in milk. We latched onto that insight by visuallyshowing the ‘love’ between our Oreo and its liquid BFF.
DSS Photography Exhibition - Show the world where you've been
Photography exhibitions arealways full of wonderful photos from the far reaches of earth. So we figured,why not show the camera behind those photos?
World Poverty Day - The Economist
The Three Cows Feta - Pure White Cheese
The three cows feta whitecheese is well, really white. With such a strong and direct USP, we couldn’tresist playing it up.
Scotch Brane Sponge - No stain too tough

Stains can be tough. Astough as society’s iconic ‘bad guys’ even. But Scotch Brane Sponge’s powerful productpromises to make easy work of them.
Hansaplast Ear Plugs - ELIMINATE NOISE
How good is Hansaplast’sear plugs? Good enough to make the noise disappear it seems. With the noisegone, the noisy product followed suit.