Floksiki-iPad Story Book
IndeePop Games is a studio of independent developers specializing on creation of applications for mobile platforms (iOS, Android).
A remarkable interactive book "Floksiki"  for iPad became the first project of the studio.
Floksiki is the first interactive book for iPad created by Indeepop. 
The book represents surprising animated illustrations, which will captivate not only small readers, but also their parents. Such book helps to develop imagination, unites child’s and adult’s actions together.

Floksiki and environment around you come alive directly before your eyes; you only need to touch the screen with your finger.

Friendly characters of the book will open the magic world to their small readers and will tell them a lot of interesting.Together with fantastic heroes you go down on the submarine into the depths of the ocean, fly on UFO over the mountains and visit a fantastic wood. Here cloudlets are talking to each other, and ridiculous animals hasten to communicate to you and your kid. There are no doubts that operating such a world brings a great deal of pleasure. Begin quick a surprising travel!

For video was used canon 7D.
- Kind interactive illustrations and magic animation, executed in a memorable author's style
- Qualitative music 
- The text is voiced by a professional actor
- An important part of the book is a cubes-game, so it is possible to build a tower of a huge height!
- Autoplay possibility
Patterns for game (backgrounds and blocks)
The original book has been drawn in May, 2011. Now the book is not only printing, but also interactive for iPad.
Original turn of the book
Voice record occurred in studio Strategic Music. They did music for game "Сut the rope" .
Toys have been sewed for promotion actions on the Internet.

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