A Space Oddity
Fortieth birthday invitation
To celebrate my partners fortieth birthday we decided to host a science fiction themed, costume party on the auspicious date 11.11.11. The invitation design was inspired by his childhood obsession of collecting Kenner Star Wars action figures. 

In order to encourage everyone to dress in costume for the night it was essential that a variety of science fiction heroes, villains and space creature figurines were illustrated on the cardback. Reflecting on the process now, I believe this was the hardest aspect of the invitation – making a decision on which pivotal characters would feature, to spark the guests imaginations. 

Because of the diversity of the selected characters, two variations of the invitations were printed to accommodate the illustrated figurines varying shape (i.e Darth Vader was much wider than the other figurines). The printed invitations were then laser cut to match the corner edges of a Star Wars cardback and the figurines were laboriously hand cut and adhered onto each invitation with velcro dots.
Examples of Kenner Star Wars action figurine packaging