Bang-Nang-Li-Yai Museum is located in Wat Bang-Nang-Li-Yai oposite side of Mae-Klong river near the famous travel place "Amphawa" Samutsongkram province, Thailand. Museum exhibition show a collection and story about Buddhists believe, arts tradition and cultural of people around Bang-Nang-Li
Bang-Nang-Li-Yai Identity Designed by Museum Architecture
Warning signage
25 Meters Long Racing Boat Exhibition
Diorama showing the style of the lost hall, pulpits, the boundary marker of the temple as well as the gate panels of the Tipitaka Hall,
it shows that this temple has existed since the early of the seventeenth century.
Work closely with modeller to create a right scale for diorama background.
Information label​ concept Thai tradition art "Long-Rak"
Information label on "Ka-Ka-Yia". Thai tradition style of table for reading.
Information label in concept Thai tradition book "Bai-Lan"
Create guide for artist to paint background
Light box information label
Working with modeller and interior architecture
3D model and retouch process.
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