Isla de Pascua (Easter Island)
By Nain Maslun
In 2011 i had the chance to flew to the wonderful Easter Island, Chile with my girlfriend for just 3 days. That meant we had a short time to travel the Island and also do my best. Here's the result, hope you like it.

En 2011 tuvimos la oportunidad de volar hacia la maravillosa Isla de Pascua, Chile con mi novia por solo 3 días. Eso significó que tuvimos muy poco tiempo para recorrer la isla y también para hacer lo mejor. Este es el resultado, espero que les guste.

Arturo Merino Benitez Airport (SCL), Santiago, Chile.
Arriving to the island
The first thing i noted was 22 people playing football with a mix of languages of spanish, rapanui and english.
Turist watching the game
Tongariki sunrise
Ups! Yep, my girlfriend took that.
Rano Raraku, the 'moai factory'.
Rano Raraku panorama from the top.
On the way to Anakena beach, some wild horses appeared on the road, and they didn't move.
Anakena Beach
Rano Kau panorama
Orongo's view