Central Coast Disc Golf (CCDG) Identity Rebrand
Concept, Photography, & Design by Juan Luis Garcia
I've wanted to work on a disc golf related design project since I started playing the sport earlier this year. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s like ball golf except you throw discs (similar to Frisbees) into baskets and you can usually play for free at your local park, and it's one of the fastest growing sports today. Since I watch a lot of disc golf videos it seemed natural for this to be the focus of my project.
After choosing a media company and doing my initial research, I reached out to disc golfers via Reddit and got valuable insight into the perception of CCDG. I made a list of keywords that defined the brand which included: engagingcommentaryCaliforniaapproachableentertaining, and high quality.
From there, I began exploring disc golf symbols but since "Disc Golf” is already in the name the inclusion of something obvious like a basket wasn't necessary. I searched for a font that exuded the good vibes, high quality, and approachable style that comes across in the videos. After testing hundreds of typefaces it was clear that this script, with a little customization, was the best choice. By replacing the “O” in “Golf” with a camera lens shutter and a video play button the logo was complete. There was room for an alternate logo so I revisited my sketches and the California state outline stood out as the iconic and instantly recognizable mark that could be paired with other CCDG elements such as the tagline.
I applied the logos to apparel, discs, etc and also made a couple wallpapers (which you can download below) and am currently in the process of developing a functioning video graphics package. 
Thanks for checking it out!
Primary Logo in 3D
Alternate Logo in 3D
Logo Opener with Crew Credits
Advertiser Billboard
Tournament Card
Hole Preview
Players' Scorecard
Midranges and Fairway Drivers
Vertical Tagline Wallpaper
Horizontal Tagline Wallpaper

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Central Coast Disc Golf Identity Rebrand