Methylzoan has been built with discard materials of perspex’s laser cutting (acrylic). Despite the synthetic composition of this matter, millions of years ago the origin of its molecules was plant itself, transmuted by time to petrol, by man to plastic, and finally recycled from a London’s workshop skip, to show the constant transformation of matter in time. The feature of being inextinguishable but mutant might then be show with its most profound alchemic result: the return of its feeling through the interactive experience with the audience. Methylzoan is sensing human presence and responding by lighting up one or more of its branches according to the position and movement. Drone sounds are emitted from the base of the sculpture with a surround system which follows the movements of the passers-by, together with the light. In one of its different behaviors, a constant movement around the sculpture triggers a long drone sound which slowly rises up in frequency, as to simulate a rise-up in energy vibration, and representing a connection with divine. when this sequence has finished, Methylzoan glows for a few seconds with a mantric sound, before switching completely off for a few seconds.