Peas, Love & Yorkshire Puddings
It seems most blogs start out of a love for something, whether it’s regional foods, healthy eating or a love of hearing yourself talk – the point is that it’s a way to funnel your passion into something more tangible. Well, obviously by the title, Peas and Yorkshire Puddings rank high on Lisa and Alistair's list as do other foods of British origin such as the high-brow Toad in a Hole or Shepherd’s Pie or food inspired by former colonies such as Indian Tikka Masala or Szechuan Beef (okay that’s a stretch as a colony but it’s close to Hong Kong).
This second logo was an alternative to the first one, which they chose.
Farmland Food Division
At one point Farmland was considering changing their name to United Country Brands instead of Farmland and they wanted a new logo. Farmland's brand was built on the concept of "from farm to table" so I wanted to build on that idea in the first design.
Farmland has a trucking company called National Carriers that transports refrigerated food to different locations. The idea was to freshen up their logo while still using the same name and tag line they were known for.
Farmland was adding new divisions within Farmland Foods and one of them was farmed catfish called Springwater Farms. They needed a new logo for their packaging which incorporated the Farmland logo.
Duck Derby
I did a logo for an annual Duck Derby which has quickly become an event the entire Kansas City community looks forward to each year. On the day of the event, families enjoy live entertainment and family fun on the Country Club Plaza while waiting on thousands of yellow rubber ducks to drop and race! Adopt a Duck raises money for different local charitable organizations each year.
Safe Home
Safe Home is one of six metro domestic violence shelters in the Kansas City area. I felt that they needed a logo that incorporated hope. This got a bronze Omni.
K&Company Logos
For Brand Identity each scrapbooking line we designed had a logo based on the look and the customer base we were designing for. We also had to consider how it would look on packaging, etc. Blue Awning had a classic, Ralph Lauren coastal feel to it. Classic K was one of the classic lines that K&Company was known for, K-ology was classic with an Anthropology fun feel to it and Yuletide was a vintage Christmas line.