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Editorial Illustrations - Vol. 2
Editorial Illustrations
Volume 2
This is the second collection of my illustrations done for the editorial market. 
These artworks are realized with felt fabric. The process to create these illustrations involves
several steps: after the first pencil sketch I start drawing a vector version of the artwork in which
shapes will be almost identical to the final result. After the feedback from the client I start cutting
and gluing the different pieces. In the last phase I take a picture of the artwork using proper
studio lights then, as final step, I clean and polish the picture in post production.
SUN 68
Run faster than you can
Berlin Poche
Cover for a german magazine
Rockaway Summer
A poster for a leaflet about the summer season of Rockaway beach
50 Maps of New York
A guide to the best clubs and concert hall
The Washington Post
Great places to celebrate the Fourth with character and local fair
Artwork for an interview about intollerance and racism
Economia Magazine
A helping hand
An article about companies and their social responsability programmes
Playboy U.S.A.
Illustration for an article about fights and arguments in a couple relationship
Harvard Business Review
Illustration for an article about so called "super consumers"
Plus 24
Cover artwork about italian postal service entering the stock market
The Washington Post
Do kids make parents unhappy?

TNT Magazine
Cover artwork for the french version of TNT Magazine
Il Sole 24 Ore
Illustration for an article about the prices of insurances
Global Collaborative Healthcare Magazine
Are teens the answer?
Il Sole 24 Ore
The reform of government executives

Il Sole 24 Ore
The reform of public education
Vanity Fair France
Vanity Flore
Editorial Illustrations - Vol. 2

Editorial Illustrations - Vol. 2

A collection of the editorial illustrations that I've realized in 2014-2015