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    My Process
The process of finding and using found materials
Animals, nests, bugs... And if I can't find it - I make it
WARNING: Graphic content
Looking for something dead? Follow the wind.
Either a smell will bring you to it, or there will be clumps of fur or feathers spread out over several yards with no apparent cause. 
Something else to look for is a large depression in tall grass, or a large patch of brown grass where the dead animal had been laying for a long time.
Some nests are very sturdy, and others are extremely delicate. I preserve mine by mixing 1/2 water and 1/2 white glue in a spray bottle, and spraying on light layers until it is firm. Wallpaper glue works well too.
Skinning is a great way to bond with people
Bee Hives:
Make sure no one is home!
Take down in winter, and store for a few days in a garbage bag that has been fumigated with a bug killing spray...