Mission Kabukicho 歌舞伎町 Music Album Cover Design

Mission Kabukicho ​​​​​​​

Movie title / 
Mission Kabukicho

Music name /

01: Mission Kabukicho / slow momo
02 : 山口山口!! / takenaka yusaku
03 : Russian Boss / slow momo
04 : Mafia from Mars / Pablo Node
05 : Tattoo me Now! / saka
06 : 7000億円 / Devours Bacon
07 : 台湾万華堂 / Post Ray
08 : 移動式兄貴 / tenfuji yuko
09 : Forget about It / Pablo Node
10 : Life is so Beautiful / last red
11 : Spy of Astronaut / saka
12 : Yakuza never Cry / slow momo
13 : Blue Curtains / ayano
14 : 小島情歌 / saka

Short Story /
In 1980s Tokyo, Saka, a 19-year-old alien girl, a professional spy, violence and mayhem ensue after a drug deal gone wrong and more than 700 billion yen in cash near the Kabukicho.A gangs war dragged on in Shinjuku. Gangs of Shinjuku hold a competition of Tattoo, it is a symbol of strength. Winner can earn the 700 billion. Saka want to win the competition and end the gangs war, Saka draw the daruma pupil to wish peace.what she knows about her mission and herself. A comedy and absurd story, as she illustrate the tattooed and learns the spy trade. Movie theme song invited Slow momo, is an indie pop band from Stockholm, influenced by both modern electro pop and 70’s organic pop.

Coincide with the 28th Tokyo Film Festival which takes place in Shinjuku area from this year, Takashimaya Shinjuku holds an exhibition of Vinyl cover art exhibition ~ SHINJUKU’s movies soundtrack~
Artists create a vinyl cover image of their imaginary film’s soundtrack album, with the theme of Shinjuku, Tokyo. There are Si-Fi, love story, Yakuza (gang) and documentary stories from artists’ imagination. 

I created a Geisha dressed in space suit with a Daruma Dull helmet on and  Ukiyo on her body.
Interesting and surreal ideas are used to created this fantasy work.

Mission Kabukicho 歌舞伎町 Music Album Cover Design

Mission Kabukicho 歌舞伎町 Music Album Cover Design

Vinyl cover art exhibition / SHINJUKU’s movies soundtrack