Here's the second half of my (now award winning) Delicious Drop Cap series! Each week I've been creating a tasty new drop cap inspired by some of my favorite foods with the ultamite goal of putting together an alphabetic buffet of mouthwatering treats. That goal has finally been met now, and I can't tell you how greatful I am for the fantastic response I've been getting this past year, it's been an amazing ride. For anyone interested, prints are currently available in my online store     
O is for Octopus
L is for Lemon Squares
J is for Jalapeno
F is for Filet Mignon
U is for Udon Noodles
T is for Truffles
N is for Nuts
V is for Vienna Sausage
R is for Red Licorice
Z is for Zucchini
Y is for Yams
X is for Xinomavro Grapes
K is for King Crab