I was asked by Adobe if I wanted to join their celebration of creative people by creating artwork alongside two other great artists - Dei G. (DEISIGN) and SeedSeven (Two Dots) - featuring Youtube sensation DanTDM. Honored to be a part of anything Adobe I jumped at the chance!

The brief was to make artwork celebrating Dan and his ongoing project The Diamond Minecart; Since Dan is all about the storytelling I wanted to make a piece that had some sort of narrative.

After some thinking and sketching I settled on the idea of Dan, Dr Trayaurus and Dan's skeleton dog Grim riding a Minecart (of course) mid air - that way i could attempt getting both the joy and excitement of fun and adventure mixed with some action and the exhilaration of potential danger.

As part of the job was having the process documented, having to draw and paint in the spotlight of all those cameras was interesting to say the least, but everyone on the team were great and in the end it was an amazing experience!
Feel free to share the fun through the video above and step by step below,
and check out the other contributors work too - just follow the links in their names!