Project 52
A Type Journal by Sam Tang
Inspired by Ryan Atkinson, whose own project can be found here:

This will be a work in progress, so feel free to check back here regularly for updates. 

My goal with this project is to develop good design habits and  improve my technical skills and creativity in the process. I will basically be posting one typographic design per week for 52 weeks, which amounts to roughly one year. Hopefully, I will have a good collection of designs by the time I'm done.
Title Page, 2/6/12
Valentines Day, 2/13/2012
Daphne Loves Derby on repeat, 2/21/2012
Busy work week, 2/28/2012
Attempting a logotype, 3/5/2012
Busy week, simple poster, 3/12/2012
Spring break in Boston, 3/21/2012
Artistic inspiration, 3/28/2012
Logo commission, 4/22/2012
Inspired by Jason Chu, 5/22/2012
Personal brandmark, 5/29/2012
"Earth without art is just eh" 6/28/2012