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    A series of microphotographs made by Scanning Electron Microscope
The main purpose of my doctoral visual art project is to uncover the inherent features of water that are invisible to the eye through using the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and, by doing so, to use the process of evaporation as an alternative and unusual artistic method of visually presenting the composition of water. My approach is unique in the specific way in which I use water to create images using the SEM. I am not aiming to produce scientific records through my use of the SEM; instead, like several artists before me, I am using scientific photography methods to create aesthetic images.

The composition of water, even that which is completely free from the mineral and organic impurities, is complex and diverse. Constantly being in contact with all sorts of substances, water is virtually always is a solution of various, often very complex composition.

The structure of water visually represented by the SEM can be seen as an alternative and unusual method of visually presenting the composition of water. I believe that the very detailed images of desiccated drops of water generated by the Scanning Electron Microscope are worth interpreting through artistic methods.