Defrag | Lament Element
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Defrag Lament Element
Artwork created for "Lament Element", the upcoming debut album by Defrag (Jeff Dodson, on Hymen Records. A record filled with dark electronic tracks with a dubstep flavor.

The songs and the album-title, which means: a poem or song in which a death is lamented, of Defrag's upcoming album inspired me to design something beautiful but vulnerable with a dark sinister twist on it. The booklet contains quotes by early 19th century sci-fi/horror writer H.P.Lovecraft. His texts were the main inspiration for Jeff to pick the songtitles.

Artist: Defrag (Jeff Dodson, Album: Lament Element.Release Date: October 2009
Recordlabel: Hymen Records ( Artwork: Menno Fokma (
Packaging: Jewel case with a glossy 6 page booklet and a 2 Pms glossy disc print.