At 99U, we recognize that reading about idea execution online is a catch-22: the web browser isn’t always the ideal environment to lean back and shun the emails and notifications that distract us in our day-to-day.
To help offer a reprieve from the madness, we are happy to publish the 99U Quarterly, a print publication offering our best creative insights.
Tension and conflict are necessary aspects of the creative process and learning to overcome these snags is essential for any creative person. What happens when a creative is up against the wall, and how can we be sure to survive when all of the odds are staked against us? To answer, we spoke with graphic design Marta Cerdà and Lowline founder Dan Barasch, each is taking a long-term approach to build an incredible career.
We also explore the story of Rachel Platten, the best-selling artist that needed to hit rock-bottom before truly thriving. And, lastly, Oliver Burkeman’s closing essay on the perils of true distraction is devoid of any design elements, true to its message.

Editor in Chief — Sean Blanda
Assistant Editor — Kiana St. Louis
Publisher — Scott Belsky
Art Direction & Graphic Design — Mark Brooks
Cover & WB Illustrations — Javi Suárez

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Fonts — Circular + Adobe Caslon Pro
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