Almaa, hookah tea set
Almaa, from the Arabic for the water, is a limited-edition tea set consisting of a hookah and tea service. Strongly influenced by the culture of the Middle East, its minimalist forms create a sense of relaxation and reflection to spend time with ones closest friends.
The ceramic ferruginous limestone stove is the protagonist of the set, contrasting the porous and reddish rough natural surface with its smooth white glaze.
Two opposed and mix surfaces, coexisting in the same object, almost to represent two sides of the same coin: spontaneous, natural strength contrasting with refined elegance.
The natural, rough and ferruginous surface is inspired by and refers to the Arabic influence of the Yemenis towers in Sana'a, clay constructions, seemingly raw, essential in the forms, and reddish porous surfaces, inspired by ancient traditions.
The white, smooth glazed surface recalls the late-Renaissance ceramics by Della Robbia, refined, shiny, eccentric and elegant.
Water represents the key element uniting the components of the set; this basic primeval element recalls the magical prenatal moment, the moment of the creation of human relationships and the fraternization with the newcomer.
Michela D’Angelo’s Arabian inspired limited-edition ceramic hookah tea set creates the perfect convivial ambience for a contemporary, yet timeless, bon viveur.
Almaa, Michela D’Angelo’s final year design project, presented during her degree dissertation at School of Art and Design of Valencia in July 2015, is a self-production project representing an exclusive collection of timeless, yet contemporary, everyday objects for the habitat. The aim of the project was to create a socially sustainable design which could be produced by local craftsmen, far beyond the logic of any industrial manufacture.
The tea ritual
Contrasting elements and textures
Thermoresistant Moscovite filter ensures high temperatures required for a perfect infusion
the hookah red filter
Smoke passes out of the body of the Hookah via a ceramic tipped pipe
Water, black tea, sugar, honeyed tobacco and mint infused in a moment of peace in the daily routine.
The long «spout» of the teapot ensures precision when serving
Water, black tea, sugar, mint and honey tobacco are united creating a moment of peace in the daily routine.
And the final touch, the shisha, a ceramic water-pipe infuses the ambience of the tea ritual with honeyed vapours consolidating the union of the design, the ingredients and the friendship.
Honeyed Tobacco infusion (Tabacco meloso)
The hookah white filter
The Hookah – the union of eastern and western rituals in a unique moment of communion.
The “Almaa” Hookah tea set
Minimalist packaging reflects the simplistic lines of the “Almaa” Hookah tea set
This limited-edition handcrafted design was carried out in collaboration with the master potter Juan Carlos Iñiesta from DOMANISES, a local pottery in Manises (VLC), struggling daily to keep alive a centuries old tradition.

To work with the artisans who make your ideas, it is essential to build a good relationship. We need to be able to transfer an idea, but also to acquire otherwise inaccessible knowledge. It is always important to respect a master who must toil in front of a 1000° oven to realize your project.
Luca Nichetto (Contemporary Italian Designer)

“Almaa” design sketches
Almaa, hookah tea set

Almaa, hookah tea set

"Almaa", from the Arabic for "the water", is a limited-edition tea set consisting of a shisha and tea service. Strongly influenced by the culture Read More

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