Chinese Silk Digital Printing

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  • Chinese Silk Digital Printing
    Using a Momaki Printer
  • I took an original Chinese watercolor painting done by my grandmother and created a unique pattern on photoshop for a scarf design. A layout of 4 scarves were printed on silk fabric with a momaki printer. After 24 hours of drying, the fabric was peeled from the paper sheet and put into a steamer for a half an hour. After that, the scarves were hand washed with a cold/warm water cycle and fabric detergent. Each scarf is unique by the way the pattern was created on photoshop, and the way it responds to the steam and water cycle. The fabric was then cut into individual scarves and seams were sewn onto them. After a good iron, the scarf is ready to be worn!
    A similar design was printed to be used for the lining on the inside of a black jacket.