Welcome on board, Ibiza 2012 is leaving ... immediate boarding wanted!
MinimalDesign renews the relationship with Komitee Ibiza for the third consecutive year. Komitee organizes electronic music events all around the world and boasts of the most famous disco locations like Egg (London), Queen (Paris), Cocoon Lounge (Bahrain) e Baia Imperiale (Italy).Nevertheless, Komitee is not only about music, but a unique experience: a theatrical frame composed by multicoulor scenography, amazing dancers and incredible thematic exhibitions ... enchantment is its master. 
Every Saturday summer night you must be abducted by the magic of this great group that finds a permanent home to the Space of Ibiza.The collaboration with MinimalDesign brings the creation of the website, print communication and merchandising marked by an original underground look.When you enter the site, you open the doors of another reality, you say goodbye to the “surface world” and get welcome in an underground dimension, a submarine one: sharp lights and sound effects help to communicate this sense of dream evasion from reality to fantasy.The crew is extraordinary, some of the most important international DJs will be the captains that will drive this fantastic adventure; board it, to abandon the everyday monotony and leave for the time of wonder.

Designed by MinimalDEsign
Komitee Ibiza
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