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    Shelf Talker for Pioneer Todoroki launch for Latin America

Pioneer Todoroki Shelf Talker

The design was meant to be always on top of the system, that's why than a shelf talker it's a woofer talker. 
What does TODOROKI mean? 
“Todoroki” is Japanese for a “roar” or “rumble”. It’s a word fordescribing the sound of rolling thunder or a blast from a big cannon.It also symbolizes the earth-shaking sounds that this system is capableof delivering. Listening to TODOROKI can be like listening to thecrashing of waves on the beach.
Who is TODOROKI for?
 Do you love club and dance music with a heavy bass and lively higherrange sounds? Then TODOROKI was made for you. Pioneer’s receiver andspeaker engineers tuned its sound specifically for music fans. And theywanted to make a bold statement, so they gave TODOROKI amazingperformance capabilities and a knockout appearance.

Other credits to Artbiz Design