RIZZ & RAZZ is an animated comic strip created by ZZAS and wrote by Especialistas Secundarios.
R&R follows Razzmatazz's biggest fans (two giant eggs) and their funny adventures at the venue.
Originally created to promote Sala Razzmatazz on a Spotify campaign, the success of the two characters
ended in a full 13-episode series, full of irony and surrealism.
Concept, Art and Creativity by ZZAS
Art Direction: Ferran Faidella / Jose Maria Monrás
Screenplay by: Especialistas Secundarios
Post Producer: Tomàs Ferreres
3D Character Animation & Composition: Fernando Vera
Original Soundtrack: The Gato Team
Sound Design & Effects: Flow Audio
Episodes: 13 x 1 min 
Language: Spanish 
Format: HD 16:9 
Year of Production: 2012
Complete serie available here.
First draft of the characters.
Original printed strip on Sala Razzmatazz's 10th Anniversary Book.