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    Design of the music TV-program "Muzton". Aleksey Segodin: concept, logo design, 3D-modelling & animation, VFX.
Design of the music TV-program "Muzton".
Concept, logo design, 3D-modelling & animation, VFX and somewheresound made by myself.
Intro stripe for the programme.
animated logo
credits for band name, song title etc.
old style TV-tube for visualization of narrator's speach
credits at the end of the programme
a little part of Muzton (example with the ending of the programme, whennarrator says goodbye and leaves), just to demonstrate relationshipsbetween the objects in the screen.
stripe for advertisement (sound made by me)
before the premiere of a clip.
for the rubric called "Music Encyclopaedia"
UA News (the sound presented in the clip is just for clearer understanding of the movie. In the final stripe there will be a music track, and these sounds will stay also)
Volyn News (regional news)
World News                             
by-product :)
(made as wallpaper)