uTree____________________ the urban photovoltaic tree
the urban photovoltaic tree
The uTree is the development of a previous project called Urban Tree (http://www.behance.net/gallery/URBAN-TREE/2411510 ). In this new version, both the design and the functions of the product have been improved. The idea is to create a new element for the city that works with solar energy and which is able to work for different uses such as lighting, traffic lights, termometer, clock an so on. In this new version the different uTrees can be connected all together feeding the grid with electricity for other services like public transport (trains, underground), public buildings (cultural centers, townhall) and so on.
The use of renewable energies in urban furniture is an idea that big companies throughout all the world are trying to lead. 
This project is looking for financing so that to create a first prototype to evaluate the costs/benefits of its real use in a city. If you are an individual/company interested in this project please do not hesitate in contact me. (arq.xabierarenaza@gmail.com)
The webpage of the project is the next one, enjoy it: utree webpage
If necessary, the uTree can also work in an autonomous way, storing energy in a battery to use it later or when there´s no sun. This type of element has big advantages in rural areas or in mountains, where the the installation of the electrical grid is difficult and expensive.
uTree____________________ the urban photovoltaic tree