Interactive Gift for Children's Day
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    Design Research / Product Design / Graphic Design
InteractiveGift for Children's Day – Book, Game and Package
Product Design/ Graphic Design / Design Research
For the telecommunicationscompany Oi at Crama Design Estratégico – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Team: Vitor Araripe, Erik Philipp and Paulo Henrique
Educational and interactive kit forchildren. The kit contained a book, a game board and a plate withcharacters and a dice – like the illustrations of the book, it wasall made of paper, to be detached and put together by the child. Withthe game, the two-dimensional experience turned into a 3D interactionwhere the child can make its own history and establish a healthycompetition with parents and friends. A traditional media turned intoa new interactive educational experience in group.

The designers, together with the writing team, worked intensivelyon the project. Brainstorming with the client, creative meetings withother professionals of the office and a lot of Design research weresome of the stages of the process. In the end, all the effort wasresponsible for the amazing feedback we got from the 10.000 peoplewho got the gift.