Oceana: #SOSswordfish - Infographic
"The swordfish is an iconic, fast and peculiar predator of the Mediterranean.  Its fishery contributes significantly to the socio-economic activity in this region, with prices reaching up to €24 per kilo when sold fresh.
However, the fishery’s stock is in an alarming condition. Intense and unregulated fishing pressures over the last three decades have led this species to a dire situation in the Mediterranean Sea with few chances to recover.
Oceana is calling on the EU and all the Mediterranean countries to take a firm stance in halting the overfishing of this special species enabling it to be restored through a recovery plan.
Show your support for this important campaign. Retweet our plea for the Mediterranean swordfish #SOSSwordfish @Oceana_Europe"
more info here: www.oceana.org/swordfish
(Thanks to bittbox for the textures)
Oceana: #SOSswordfish - Infographic