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Bridge Projection Lifesaver
Bridge Projection Lifesaver
Suicide Prevention Center
In Serbia in average 1500 persons take their own lives per year, dozens of them jumping from Belgrade bridges.Our task was to raise the awareness about this huge problem in society.

Our idea was to project a message “YOU ARE NOT ALONE” with phone number of the Suicide Prevention
Office onto the water surface that can be seen when looking down from the bridge only.

The action raised a huge PR buzz, as 5 national TV stations, 9 major national newspapers and countless number of radio stations and web sites reported about the projection, generating more then estimated 100 000 EUR media coverage. Number of calls increased by 64% (39% more “first time callers”).

Campaign was awarded with Bronze Lion in Cannes Ad Festival 2011.
Team Credits:
Marko Savic, Art Director
Jana Savic Rastovac, Co-Creative Director
Bridge Projection Lifesaver
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Vladimir Ćosić