The Only Queen M.
«Paper Jewelry Prototype»
trisThis is a unique piece I made about one year ago for a very talented italian shoe-designer.
As you can imagine, skilled craftmen ask for perfection: he asked me for a "skull button", but I didn't realized immediately that he was talking about bringing to button size the "Old Skull" papertoy. I wasn't much self-confident in doing this, but I knew that I had no choice but trying.

This is what I made.
 First, I resized the Old Skull papertoy, so it came about 4 cm tall. The model is covered in a reflective silver paper, and then punched like a glitter ball. This part was over than half the process.
I hadn't done this kind of work before, so I hadn't a cutted model neither.
I tried to follow the curve of the 11 2" button
, then I halved the skull.
The front half is glued on the button, using a black gloss color (its thickness has been useful to cover imperfections).
Once dried, I applied the crown and the ribbon.
- front view -
- side view -