Rebranding Iriver
Problem: The Iriver Brandhit its stride during the iPod craze. Today, they struggle to stay alive withcompetition like iOS and Android.

Idea: create a new look andfeel to the entire brand ecosystem. Narrow Iriver focus to nature and theoutdoors.

Executions: four product designs, an Androidbased interface, interactive website, Facebook page, and two apps.
Creating four new Iriver products was no easy task, but it may be the most important change for Iriver or for any electronics company in general. Before the rebrand, Iriver was selling more than 40 music players. No one product was able to stand out from the pack, so the ultimate goal was to fix this problem by making four new Iriver products from the ground up.

1) Mini Music Player – Affordable, portable, and great for taking on a run

2) Classic Music Player – Same great Iriver design language, but with a giant leap forward in software

3) Premium Android Optimized Music Player – Competitive with todays electronic giants, like Apple and Samsung

4) Premium Android Phone – The first for Iriver. For those individuals who don’t want to take a music player and a phone with them.
The first phase in the new web sight, is getting people pumped up for the new Iriver. So for a couple of months a teaser will takeover the sight, giving subtle hints to the fact that Iriver will be on Android and it will also have to do with nature and the outdoors.
Users who want to know more about Iriver can simply go to the completely new Iriver Facebook page. The Nike+ integration makes it easy for people to access their fitness routine from any computer with internet. And as always, it integrates with your app on your Iriver mp3 player.
Here are my 2 apps. The first app uses the phases GPS and gyroscope to create a virtual map that can guid you to your destination if you need assistance. The Nike+ App is your headquarters for keeping up with your active lifestyle.