... like  "surrealistic pictures".
This article contains  new designs  and  older designs that  i have re-worked.As always they are made with a maximum of 8 colors and without gradient.I thought that they all have something in common .Obviously  they are all representing the reality in a unusual way .I m a big fan of painting and particulary Magritte,Ernst,Topor and many more who play with symbols,translating a world between dreams and reality .We are millions to have been inspired by the surrealism . This project  is the first of 5 ,and the others will also contain 5 designs,please don't ask me why 5.It can be considered like my personal surrealistic collection haha!
Thank to Evan Ferstenfeld aka Frikinawesome for the two collabs you will see here "Bodybuilders" and "Home",he always have  great concepts.
And one more time please excuse my english,remember i'm French ^^

"this one don't need a title "
"Bodybuilders" (with Evan Ferstenfled aka frikinawesome)
"Autumn Inside"
"Home"(with Evan Ferstenfeld aka frikinawesome)