"Sogliole” is a two-week workshop which has taken place at ISIA Urbino, led by Patrick Lacey from Åbäke and the English artist Ben Cain. A close observation, during the first week, of the concept of “threshold”, followed by a short concept video, have been instrumental to design a collective book during the second week of work. The class has been split in seven different groups and each of them had to explain and develop its own idea to be included in the book, using differently coloured pages.
Ring binding
A4 (210 mm x 297 mm)
Digital print
Coloured uncoated paper 80 g/m2
Class project

Elisa Altan
Francesco Barbaro
Martina Ciccaglione
Augustina Cocco Canuda
Giulia Cordin
Lidia Ginga Cozzupoli
Guido Dal Prà
Giacomo Delfini
Filippo Emiliani
Davide Eucalipto
Catarina Ferreira
Juan Manuel Gàlvez
Clara Jessen
Leonie Ketteler
Gaja Lanfranchi
Giovanni Murolo
Luca Napoli
Cecilia Negri
Alessandro Piacente
Alice Poma
Kenya Rodriguez
Andrea Saccavini
Beatrice Schena
Viviana Scutari
Michela Sirri
Alessandra Smiderle
Josefine Taape
Lorenzo Toso
Eglé Vitkuté