The Modern History of Football Uniform Design
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    The style guide to the coming e-book with exclusive design previews.

The Modern History of Football Uniform Design

This is a self-initiated project to record and reflect upon the modern era of football uniform design, which roughly began in 1999 with Nike's re-branding of the University of Oregon. This, when finished, will be a free e-book fully written and illustrated by me.

I started this book because I felt uniform design had moved so fast over the past 15 years, much of it has been lost or passed by without proper appreciation. There are some uniforms that were worn for only 1 game, but had a significant impact on designs that would come along later, like the 2010 Nike Pro Combat series. This presentation is a small example of what you will see.

The visuals are influenced by 1940s-60s football design and the 1944 Goofy short, "How To Play Football". I wanted to blend an aged look with the animated bounce of the Goofy film to support the historical idea of the subject. 

Note: some of these stills are incomplete as the book is still in progress