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    A short summary of my venture through Marakele National Park, South Africa with one of my favorite deer: the common duiker
The common duiker, such a lovely, tiny, little creature that sometimes might be dismissed as just another deer,
but every sighting I've had of one of these amazing fellows kept me enchanted
One of the many encounters I've had during my 4x4 adventre through Southern Africa
These guys are amazingly difficult to capture, a lot faster than the European chicken ;p
Berries are an important part of a good diet
The Marakele NP is situated between two ridges, with just one road going through the wildlife is a challenge to spot. 
But allthough not great for a quest to encounter the big five,
this parc really keeps in mind the health of the animals that reside within its boundries. Thanks to plenty of space away from the main road, animals won't be hasseled if they do not wish to
My favorite shot of the common duiker which truly reflects the habitat they reside in
© Jeroen Op den Kelder
Thank you for watching and your appreciation!